Wat Buddha Dhamma is a Theravadin Forest Monastery devoted to the training of monks and lay practitioners. People are welcome to visit and it is possible to arrange to stay as a guest for a period of time, sharing in the lifestyle of the monastic community. The Wat encourages the development of seclusion, simplicity and renunciation. It is the dedicated commitment to this way of life that facilitates a communal atmosphere where people of diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and personalities can live in harmony and to practice the Teachings of the Lord Buddha to realize Ultimate Liberation.

An Open Invitation

Wat Buddha Dhamma was set up as a monastery with the intention of being a spiritual home, not just for monastics living here, but for the lay community as well. While there are organized retreats from time to time, you are most welcome to visit at any time.

Come to the Wat, have a walk through the bush, meditate, have a cuppa with the residents, or offer to help in whatever ways you can. In addition to day visits, you can come to stay as a guest to deepen your practice in a supportive environment of simplicity and seclusion in the company of like-minded people. Make the Wat part of your life. The spiritual connection between the laity and monastics is a precious gift.

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